20 June 2013

Nature Photography.

These days, I'm working for the head of the Environmental Studies department at my school. I get to combine my two favourite things, which also happen to be the subjects I study: digital design and the environment. My days are filled with website building, photography, hikes, and nature walks. Above are some of the images I've taken this summer while on the job. You can find more here.

11 June 2013

VSCO Cam 2.0

I've been a huge fan of Visual Supply Co ever since their first foray into iPhone Photography. Their app, VSCO Cam 1.0, came out a little over a year ago and I couldn't get enough of it. The stunning presets and tools, right on my phone, elevated my photos to a whole new level without the need to bring them onto my computer for editing. So when VSCO announced a newer and better app for the iPhone, you better believe I downloaded it minutes after its release. The past few days, I've been falling in love with VSCO Cam all over again and their beautiful, new presets. Here's a look at some of my most recent photos, all edited with VSCO Cam 2.0.

If you own an iPhone, give it a download. You won't regret it.

16 May 2013

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